Jan 14, 2010

Zoom in the Fiber

Please, focus on the picture above for a couple of minutes. What do you reckon it is made of?

I might surprise you: it is ''wool, felted with needle felted details''.
This art work is called ''Supernova of the Soul'' and belongs to Betty Maguire Hazylett. She is a fiber artist. The Fiber Art? What is it?
Also known as Textile Art, it is a branch of fine art, which was always attacked and put in dillemma by means of the cliche question 'Is it ART?'. What makes it art? What is art? These are the questions that I am exploring for my IB art. Betty M.H. is one of my inspirations. She has her own unique style and the materials she uses are mainly felt and wool but in overall, the materials for the Textile art can vary from human hair to the fish skin. It is an amazing style of Art. The more I investigate it, the more I fall in love with it.
Here are other fantastic works by her. Her abstract work is not disturbing but heart-warming, which really suits to my theme-Love....