Jan 10, 2010

D.I.Y i scream for ice cream

Our Little Handy Hits to Make Vanilla Ice Cream Just Not so Plain:

Cinnamon ice cream

ok like all these ice cream recipes cinnamon ice cream is dirt easy.  just grab some ice cream, grab some cinnamon, and add a spoon, and presto you have made gourmet cinnamon ice cream

gingerbread ice cream

this is an ice cream that reminds me of the warm musty atmosphere that comes with Christmas. Gingerbread ice cream can be eaten any time of the year. just grab a bowl, spoon, ice cream and 3-5 biscuits of Annas gingerbread and sprinkle on top of the ice cream. bon-appetit.

almond ice cream

if you love the taste of marzipan or any almond sweets.  to make this ice cream add a handful of almonds on top of the ice cream. with each bit you will be filled with crunchy almond goodness. 

raspberry ice cream 
i guess you can say a healther way to eat ice cream is to add fruit. rasberrys are one of my favorite berrys becasue of the brillant red colour comes from rasberrys. add the desiered amout of frozen raspberrys in a small microwave save bowl. defrozt for 30secs, then add them on the ice cream . eat quick . the ice cream will slightly melt with the brillant red spilling off the top.