Jan 30, 2010

WE will miss you, IHH!

Where: the Indie fest house: the Powerhouse in New Farm, Brisbane, Australia.

When: 24th January from 4.30 to late.

 Who: an overwhelmed audience And I HEART HIROSHIMA.aka IHH..
What happened? a cultural explosion of song and dance, as listeners recall there times on youtube, finding Shakeytown, Got out, South and Old tree. (Finding trouble finding IHH then click the link on our previous posts.)

From the start I heart hiroshima was full of energy and life, which was prominantly lead by the lead drummer Susie, her solo dancing while drumming and singing finally drew out in the audience a little more then the ordinary bobbing the head like the first two acts gave.

Shakeytown was just a drop from the music rain by I heart Hiroshima. its splash came from the three tripet songs combo GOT OUT, SHAKEYTOWN, SOUTH which displayed the band's true flare for experiental indie rock !!The first album created an atmospheric warm which gave way to the  hit ablum The rip which included their cover of Pink Frost by the Chills this dramatic chronological merge from old to new insured the audience a full experience of their talent and musical evolution.
For a last gig we have to say it was brilliant; and we must give props to Matthew Somers for lasting the whole night on a cold.

Should also mention that the IHH's are supposable influenced by Sleater Kinney, TV On The Radio, Leonard Cohen, The Smiths, The Raveonettes, The Magnetic Fields, Frank Black, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Walkmen, Slumber Party and The Pharcyde. Also Beat Happening, Pixies and The Go-Betweens.
so we do recomend a quick youtubeing of "I heart hiroshima".

 In overall, outstanding performance, full engagement from the audience, lots of fun, laughter, excitement and Unforgettable time...

BUT....yep, there is some sad news, ...Apparently, Sussie female voice and drummer is moving to Germany so this was their last concert 4 now in Brisbane...

Brissie will miss you, I heart Hiroshima!!!