Mar 26, 2010


Like the video says, the reason we turn off our lights is to demonstrate that there is Climate Change and that we as citizens of the world can show that we can for this planet and that we will act to save this world.

coming soon is our blogger members photos of their earth hour! so stay tuned.

Mar 18, 2010

Making Fabric Roses

Hi, guys! Well, I had new obsession nowadays; for my art theme I have decided to make a huge (ok it is not that big) heart, covered with roses. With the intention of being creative, I learnt how to make those flowers. As you already know, my art 'style' is fiber art, so the medium for these roses automatically became fabric. Now, I'd love to share my experience with you. If you would like to a fabric rose like the ones above, please follow the instructions below (have fun:)).

Step 1. Preparation

You will need a fabric such as satin, organza, crepe, tulle or lace, as well as needle and thread (in colour that matches the fabric). Firstly, cut strips of your fabric. See the photos.  

Step 2. Process

Fold the fabric strip in half length-wise with the right side of your fabric (the side that you want to show) facing out. Roll the end of your folded fabric in 4-5 turns. Sew the ends of these gatherings and keep gathering and stitching until the rose is formed. Think about it as building layers (in art terms), in other words, making petals of your rose. See the photos to clarify this crucial step.

Step 3. 'Serious' part is over, have some fun:)
Now that you have made your rose, challenge your imagination and have fun. I am going to paint over it. My friend and I tried inks. It works. I will upload the photos as soon as I attached it to my art work. You can use these roses for decorative purposes as well. It is really up to you. If you have some crazy ideas for the Step 3, please comment or tell us via e-mail. 

Stay tuned with Not a Zebra!!!

Mar 13, 2010

making the needle holder jam jar!!

 ok, this was a very OMG moment,
 while reading through my darling FRANKIE i discovered these brillant ideas to recycle old jars and i am convinced i can some how incorprate this awesome idea into CAS and Blog.

stay in tuned for a step by step guid to make these little beauties

Not sure about the university yet?

Hi, guys!

If you are looking for a university guidance, don't miss out the info on this post!!!

After making myself completely (?) sick of uni. talk during the holiday, I came to conclusion that there is actually no need to worry about the future uni. thaaaat much. However, it is good to have an idea about the univ.s  in the world so that you could determine your aim and go 4 it!!!

From my experience, I daresay you only need to follow 2 eeeeeeeeeeeasy steps... (well, they are just 2 but I should say that they are extremely significant) I'll put them in the forms of questions that will automatically guide you along this hard decision-making process:

1. What do you want to study as your uni. course?

Well, I have to admit that this question was really hard 4 me to answer...If you are not sure about the course that you want to study, I don't advice to take all those career/personality and blah-blah-blah tests...Well, they didn't help me at all...It might help you but what I would recommend is looking 4 inspiration everywhere. Amazingly enough, my inspiration was the extended essay topic. Just think about a study area that you would enjoy the most but remember that you should pick one, which would make money 4 u in the future, too....

2. Where do you want to study 4 the univ.?

O.K. the first hard step is over now....but where to study? What I did was to google 4 the best univ.s in the world, which offer the course that I wanted to study...You guessed it right: there were a lot of 'em. Their official websites were not enough 4 me so I did e-mail them to request additional info. After this painful experience, at least I got an idea, where to study...Unfortunately, I discovered the awesome sites below lately but I still can share with you...So here you go:  - 4 those, who are interested in the univ.s in Australia - Dreaming about univ. in America? If yes, this site is 4 you. - United Kingdom? yep, this site is 4 you.

These 2 steps helped me to determine my goal and helpfully, will help u, too:)))

Stay tuned with Not a Zebra!

Mar 12, 2010

Review: Part 1 of the Keanelogy : Hopes and Fears

Genre: Alternative/Piano Rock

A key component of my audio diet is Keane. Keane for me is one of the best bands in the world, Keane is composed of Tom Chaplin who does the vocals for the band, Tim Rice-Oxley the piano man and one of the best composers in the world and last but not least Richard Hughes who fit's the grooves to all their songs. Keane or the Locust Eaters or whatever they were called are an interesting bunch, they are 'word for word' a piano rock band. I think the X-Factor in Keane is Rice-Oxley who composes most of their pieces. Well enough of the introduction...

Hopes and Fears is the first studio album by Keane, it is in essence a meld of rustic melodies and beats incorporated with modernized synthesized sounds. The album opens in the best way possible with a little song called 'Somewhere Only We Know'. Somewhere only We Know is the perfect encapsulation of the album, it is a powerful power-ballade that captures audiences with melody and beat, time seems irrelevant in the song which just streams away into.... 'This is The Last Time' the perfect goodbye song, it tell about when you leave something you love behind, it perfectly builds up to a climax on the last run of the chorus that seems to get you everytime! The album then mellows abit with We Might As Well Be Strangers but then bounces back up with Bend and Break which captures the spirit of the morning with cheerful optimism. After this cheery song the album takes a plug into the darker themes of broken relationships with Your Eyes Open which depicts the fallout of a friendship in a stronger fashion than Strangers. She Has No Time is beautiful to say the least, it is a song with a story. She Has No Time was written for Chaplin by Rice-Oxely to comfort him after a girl he fell in love with completely ignored him and avoided him, Chaplin's voice seems fragile in this song perfectly accommodating the themes. In all honesty there is just too much to say about this album, but I will say this, it is the perfect encapsulation of one's Hopes and Fears. Love, rejection, the pursuit of dreams, the leaving behind of friends, this album has everything.

Overall what can I say? This is one of the most beautiful collection of songs put together by man, unrivaled, unchallenged and yet so very intimate I give this 9.5 out of 10. Awe-inspiring stuff.

Recommended Listens: Everything is good.... but don't forget to check out On a Day Like Today!

Mar 3, 2010

Album Review Muse The Resistance (Prog Rock/ Alt Rock)

"One of the most prominent rock bands of this era is undoubtedly Muse, the English prog trio have been actively creating awesome music since 1994. Made famous for the undoubted stage presence of Matt Bellamy and his personally customized arsenal of super-charged Manson's, with the added individuality of Dom on drums and Chris on the bass they create an original power-pack combination.

Muse is by far the most genre breaking band in history, with hits such as Super Massive Black Hole they have cemented their place among the legends.

Their latest studio album "The Resistance" does prove that the band certainly have not dulled over age. The Resistance is heavily themed with anti-establishmental Orwellian themes, it opens with a gem of a piece called "Uprising" which sings of a rebellion against the secrecy of governments. The album quickly moves on to other genre busting songs such as "Undisclosed Desires" an intimate R&B influenced piece written for his fiance and also the big brother/sister of Super Massive Black Hole. There are other interesting pieces of work such as Guiding Light which depicts the fallout of a relationship in a very beautiful fashion and with a pretty decent guitar solo. One of the key pieces for me was the symphonic-rock 14 minute, 3 part Exo-Genesis. Exo-Genesis is amazing to say the least, Bellamy has put beautiful and rather rapturous melodies that leave one in awe.

Overall I give this album a 7.5/10. Though Muse has pushed every single boundary in this album I believe that there is still so much more they are capable of, but songs like Unnatural Selection and I Belong To You did heavily let them Down, with failed climaxes.

Recommended Listens: Uprising, Resistance, United States of Eurasia, Undisclosed Desires, Guiding Light & Exogenesis 1&2.- Listen at"

Written by Cornelius Lo

Only authorized for private enjoyment any copies of this review is prosecutable by law