Jan 21, 2010

Shinji Ohmaki

i went to GOMA, inspired to play once again in the whimsical child like string instilation by Shinji Ohmaki. this has to be the best art work ever. first you can touch it and 2nd you can finally play 44 home in an art work > ok this is going on the list of outrages things to have in my dream house. think about it a room of string.

please watch and hopefully you can enjoy this amazing work > even virtually!!! 

info from the GOMA site: 
Shinji Ohmakis installations create absorbing and labyrinthine environments through a skilful deployment of repetition and scale, and the use of everyday materials such as flour, correction fluid, and thread. Often working with the architecture of the gallery, Ohmaki transforms spaces so that boundaries between the interior and exterior become blurred. Liminal air descend 2006 combines masses of knotted thread, artificial light and architectural form to produce dramatic, immersive encounters. Inspired by the beauty of natural forms, Ohmakis works invite a sense of wonder and weightlessness, conveying the notion of infinity. The formal aesthetic structures of Japanese architecture and Zen gardens are also important points of departure for Ohmaki, as is their function as spaces for meditation and contemplation. Inspired by these architectures, Ohmaki transforms a discrete gallery space in the Gallery of Modern Art into a liminal zone, offering a profoundly physical experience in which audiences can consider perceptions of eternity and the sublime. Experience the buzz of the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT6) opening weekend at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and Queensland Art Gallery (QAG), Brisbane, Queensland, in December 2009. Two days of artist talks, discussions, in-conversations and artist performances.