Jan 25, 2010

The melodies from Azerbaijan...

Stress is an unavoidable part of our everyday life (especially when u are an IB) but we have a cure for it -MUSIC!!!
Music is a phenomenal language that can be understood by everyone, regardless of this person's nationality. It has the power of destroying the stress...It is my personal opinion anyway.

Here is the song that helps me to fight against the stress. That's the voice of my country-Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire. The performer is Alihan Samedov, who is a professional player of this lovely musical instrument, balaban. I hope this video will be helpful 4 u in terms of coping with stress.

The first melody is called ''Azərbaycan maralı'' which can be translated as ''The Azerbaijani Beauty''(please notice that it is not a literal interpretation coz it literally means ''The reindeer of Azerbaijan''). It is an Azerbaijani folklore song which expresses love towards a beautiful Azerbaijani girl. Please enjoy!

The second one is called ''Sarı gəlin'', which  in English  means ''A blonde lady/bride'' or ''A lady/girl in yellow'', literally ''Yellow Bride''. This folklore song is based on the sad story that is about a lover who can't be together with his beloved girl-''Sarı gəlin'' and can't marry her so he expresses his grief by means of this song. Anyway..try not to cry:)) jokin'