Jan 10, 2010

A pompom wreath, u say.

How to make this awesome wreath:


Aili and Aliya have been working very hard to bring you our first little Do-it-yourself creation, a pompom wreath, to brighten up any door or wall.


Materials you will need:

  1. white or any colour of fabric
  2. polyester fibre (the cotton-like  material that is used to fill the pillows etc.)
  3. different colours of yarn
  4. cardboard
  5. scissors
  6. threads and a needle


Step 1.

Making the ‘wreath’

You don’t have a wreath. No worries, you can make one out of fabric. First, you will need to cut a circle from the fabric, you like. 

 sew the outer edges of the circle and then turn it over the other side.

start filling it in with the polyester fiber. Sew the inner open edges of your circle and surprise, you have the basement-‘wreath’. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like a real wreath because it will become invisible under the pompoms that you are going to make.

Step 2.

Making pompoms:

Cut two cardboard circles to desired size of finished pompom. In the centre of each circle, cut a hole. Place the circles together.

Make a knot around the two circles. 

Wrap  the yarn around the circles. 

You should continue wrapping until the central holes are completely filled. leave the ends dangling at the outer edges.Cut through the yarn around outer edge.

Ease the circles slightly apart and wrap a length of yarn tightly around the central strands a few times. Secure with a firm knot.

Pull off the cardboard circles. 

Fluff out pompom and trim with sharp scissors. Try making new pompoms in the different colours to make your wreath more colorful. we have used green and red.

Tip: to make the process faster when wrapping you can halve the wooden string and wrap double the amount of wood around the circles.

Step 3.

 Attaching the pompoms

Use dangling threads of the pompoms and attach them to your wreath first attach the green/larger pompoms then attach the red/smaller pompoms on top. if you have cut t off the strings too short when making the pompoms ,you can attach the pompoms by sewing them on with needle and thread. 

After all pompoms are put on the wreath cut of all remaining thread on the wreath .

now you can hang it up on a door or on the wall as decoration:)

helpers: Sasha Kagan (2004) Knitting for Beginners. Penguin Books. Australia. Page 37.