Jan 22, 2010

Crocheting cute dolls

As the 'Not a Zebra' team, we feel so passionate about the Japanese doll making technique-amigurumi (ah-mee-guh-roo-mee). ''Ami is a shortening of the word amimie, which means 'stitch.' Gurumi is a shortening of the word nuigurumi, which means 'stuffed doll or toy'. Smoosh the two together and you get amigurumi.''

The crochet hook is a powerful instrument to make these awesome 'creations'. They are cute, challenging creativity and requiring little bit crocheting technique as well as passion and patience. However, the greatest thing about them is that these dolls are awesome for the gift ideas.

'Not a Zebra' presents you our 'humanoids'; they are original in themselves-totally, the product of our imagination! Oh yeah, that's another great feature of the Amigurumi-you can crochet whatever you like, once you got used to the technique:)))

Our visual guide on crocheting is coming soon and hopefully, in our later posts, we will be showing how to these cute dolls:)
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Thanks to the helpful book, 'Amigurumi' by Elisabeth A. Doherty.