Feb 28, 2010

Music Video- Inspirational People

Ciao my lovelies,

Whilst (not) doing my Biology Assessment, I happened across the music video to Nickelback's song 'If Everyone Cared'. What really drew me to it was the little message from the record company:
"If Everyone Cared" explores the idea of everyone joining together to make the world better. All streams of this video generate money, 100% of which go to Amnesty International and International Children's Fund Canada. Help out these worthy causes by sharing and embedding this video anywhere and everywhere."
What a fabulous idea!
Also, the video tells the stories of people who have made a difference, such as Bob Geldof (started Liveaid to raise money for Africa's famine epidemic), Betty Williams (led peace marches in Ireland in the 1970s), Peter Benenson (started Amnesty International) and Nelson Mandela (ended the racist apartheid regime in South Africa).
Please watch, and be inspired to make a difference!