Mar 3, 2010

Album Review Muse The Resistance (Prog Rock/ Alt Rock)

"One of the most prominent rock bands of this era is undoubtedly Muse, the English prog trio have been actively creating awesome music since 1994. Made famous for the undoubted stage presence of Matt Bellamy and his personally customized arsenal of super-charged Manson's, with the added individuality of Dom on drums and Chris on the bass they create an original power-pack combination.

Muse is by far the most genre breaking band in history, with hits such as Super Massive Black Hole they have cemented their place among the legends.

Their latest studio album "The Resistance" does prove that the band certainly have not dulled over age. The Resistance is heavily themed with anti-establishmental Orwellian themes, it opens with a gem of a piece called "Uprising" which sings of a rebellion against the secrecy of governments. The album quickly moves on to other genre busting songs such as "Undisclosed Desires" an intimate R&B influenced piece written for his fiance and also the big brother/sister of Super Massive Black Hole. There are other interesting pieces of work such as Guiding Light which depicts the fallout of a relationship in a very beautiful fashion and with a pretty decent guitar solo. One of the key pieces for me was the symphonic-rock 14 minute, 3 part Exo-Genesis. Exo-Genesis is amazing to say the least, Bellamy has put beautiful and rather rapturous melodies that leave one in awe.

Overall I give this album a 7.5/10. Though Muse has pushed every single boundary in this album I believe that there is still so much more they are capable of, but songs like Unnatural Selection and I Belong To You did heavily let them Down, with failed climaxes.

Recommended Listens: Uprising, Resistance, United States of Eurasia, Undisclosed Desires, Guiding Light & Exogenesis 1&2.- Listen at"

Written by Cornelius Lo

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