Feb 20, 2010


ok what you have just seen is the extended version of the theme song from SBS's Finnish murder mystery series Ørnen or The eagle (in English).

basic rundown of the show:

is an Icelandic inspector named hallgrim he works in the Danish police force,  and is named chief constable of a new task force to help solve international crime. throughout solving crimes of abduction, terrorism, organ and human trafficking, hallgrim has to come with terms of him self and the reasons for leaving iceland ini the first place.

Like all SBS shows these series in the native language with English subtitles. and displayed all the variety of languages in Europe. Best being the swedish (i understand it), finnish (just because they sound like they are speaking swedish backwards) and icelantic (most beautiful language i have ever heard). though the eagle is not for the faint hearted because like SVU is also deals with horrific murder and sex crimes, and like most Scandinavian shows the victims don't survive. BUT apart from that small downside The eagle is a fresh and captivating series.

dot points on the video if you just didn't get it

  • ok well it starts with him as a boy exploring Iceland (his home)

  • mother runs away 

  • he is at a cemetery (its not the mother's)
  • he is growing up, and still thinks about his mother
  • he falls in love with a girl, Isbjørg, 
  • he sees her with her father
  • then runs away to from iceland leaving her behind
  • he later grown up regrets leaving her behind and has visions about her.

personally i really love the softness of the song (very movie/disney song/epic song), it very melancholy as it tells of the main characters live his acts and experiences that change and form his life and being now. i love how like my theme for ART, people change by experiences.