Feb 27, 2010

History and Movies can Combine!!!

Hey Guys,

This is something for all you history people out there who are sick of boring old history notes. This is an analysis of Caberet. This movie/ play is full of fantastic songs and has a great story line but it is also a very useful way of considering the issues and attitudes prevalent in pre-hitlarian Germany. This post is and analysis of some of the songs from the 70s movie and the social issues they touch on. I hope it also, in some cases makes you smile. :) I'm not sure if you guys will like it but we'll see. Oh, and I don't own Caberet at all.

This songs is the opening song from Caberet. It introduces the idea of the underground scene that appeared post WWI. A new sub-culture developed, especially in Berlin, amoung the dissolusioned masses returned from war wishing to actually 'live' life before they died. The flapper, gay communities, caberet and strip clubs emerged much to the dismay of members of the older generation and conservative members of the community. They saw this as a demoralisation of the young and sought to remove it. Hitler offered this, he would destroy the underground caberet clubs and reassert 'morality' in German society.

More to come......