Feb 12, 2010

10 things that not a zebra needs to survive school!

1. study music mix-tapes:

  I heart Hiroshima

Fat  Boy  Slim

massive attack

2. fake reading glasses

3.  recycled/Eco- friendly stationary

  the pencils are made from disgarded twigs from the production of furniture. the note books are made from recycled plastic bags and bottles.

4. lavender flavoured pearl milk tea.

YUMM xox

5. State library membership

not only does this place have tonnes of books but it has aircon, and internet!!!!

> log into this site to start getting your library cards working!!

6. una PARTY dress

i like to think of it as something to aspire to that you will wear non stop after finishing IB !! ooh and we all know ibers are rebels at heart.

7. Yummy Choc Cake!!!!

How to cope with stress though? well, GET FRIENDLY with a chocolate cake:)) but NOT SO friendly;) It is also awesome 4 celebrations!!! > click on our many cooking recipes !!
8. Oh Lovely Internet, how can we live without you?

The internet is not a must for survival from the Not a Zebra perspective but who would diagree that it is EXTREMELY important?>> oh and internet is good for a quick visit to LOLCATS.

9. Friendship
Sometimes we are so different but there is love-friendship that keeps us together and helps to survive the school...

10. Creativity
Yes, creativity!!! One needs it everywhere and especially, at school, even if it is a 10 min finger paint we need it, it releases all the negative tension that is bound to come from ib!!! Believe me, studying requires it!!! Essential for survival so try to open your creative mind and never close it:)