Feb 12, 2010

This granny is a total INSPIRATION

Hi, folks!!!

I'd like to share an inspirational story of the 95 year old blogger María Amelia López Soliño.  She was the oldest blogger in the world!!!!

Her internet story has started with the following message in Spanish:
"hoy cumplo 95 años. Me llamo María Amelia y nací en Muxía (A Coruña) el 23 de Diciembre de 1911. Hoy es mi cumpleaños y mi nieto como es muy cutre me regalo un blog. Espero poder escribir mucho y contaros las vivencias de una señora de mi edad."
And followed by the translation in English:
"today I am 95 years old. My name is Amelia and I was born in Muxía (A Coruña - Spain) on December the 23rd of 1911. Today it's my birthday and my grandson, who is very stingy, gave me a blog."

To read the rest of her story, pls check her website:

You might want to read one of the numerous articles about her. Here is the link:

She might pass away but she didn't stop inspiring us:)))

 Rest in peace, Señora Soliño, your "blogueriños" (as she used to call her bloggers friends) - the Not a Zebra Team are online!!!