Mar 18, 2010

Making Fabric Roses

Hi, guys! Well, I had new obsession nowadays; for my art theme I have decided to make a huge (ok it is not that big) heart, covered with roses. With the intention of being creative, I learnt how to make those flowers. As you already know, my art 'style' is fiber art, so the medium for these roses automatically became fabric. Now, I'd love to share my experience with you. If you would like to a fabric rose like the ones above, please follow the instructions below (have fun:)).

Step 1. Preparation

You will need a fabric such as satin, organza, crepe, tulle or lace, as well as needle and thread (in colour that matches the fabric). Firstly, cut strips of your fabric. See the photos.  

Step 2. Process

Fold the fabric strip in half length-wise with the right side of your fabric (the side that you want to show) facing out. Roll the end of your folded fabric in 4-5 turns. Sew the ends of these gatherings and keep gathering and stitching until the rose is formed. Think about it as building layers (in art terms), in other words, making petals of your rose. See the photos to clarify this crucial step.

Step 3. 'Serious' part is over, have some fun:)
Now that you have made your rose, challenge your imagination and have fun. I am going to paint over it. My friend and I tried inks. It works. I will upload the photos as soon as I attached it to my art work. You can use these roses for decorative purposes as well. It is really up to you. If you have some crazy ideas for the Step 3, please comment or tell us via e-mail. 

Stay tuned with Not a Zebra!!!