Mar 13, 2010

Not sure about the university yet?

Hi, guys!

If you are looking for a university guidance, don't miss out the info on this post!!!

After making myself completely (?) sick of uni. talk during the holiday, I came to conclusion that there is actually no need to worry about the future uni. thaaaat much. However, it is good to have an idea about the univ.s  in the world so that you could determine your aim and go 4 it!!!

From my experience, I daresay you only need to follow 2 eeeeeeeeeeeasy steps... (well, they are just 2 but I should say that they are extremely significant) I'll put them in the forms of questions that will automatically guide you along this hard decision-making process:

1. What do you want to study as your uni. course?

Well, I have to admit that this question was really hard 4 me to answer...If you are not sure about the course that you want to study, I don't advice to take all those career/personality and blah-blah-blah tests...Well, they didn't help me at all...It might help you but what I would recommend is looking 4 inspiration everywhere. Amazingly enough, my inspiration was the extended essay topic. Just think about a study area that you would enjoy the most but remember that you should pick one, which would make money 4 u in the future, too....

2. Where do you want to study 4 the univ.?

O.K. the first hard step is over now....but where to study? What I did was to google 4 the best univ.s in the world, which offer the course that I wanted to study...You guessed it right: there were a lot of 'em. Their official websites were not enough 4 me so I did e-mail them to request additional info. After this painful experience, at least I got an idea, where to study...Unfortunately, I discovered the awesome sites below lately but I still can share with you...So here you go:  - 4 those, who are interested in the univ.s in Australia - Dreaming about univ. in America? If yes, this site is 4 you. - United Kingdom? yep, this site is 4 you.

These 2 steps helped me to determine my goal and helpfully, will help u, too:)))

Stay tuned with Not a Zebra!