Apr 28, 2010


The Queenlanders welcomed more than 100 artists from many Asian nations within the sixth Asia Pacific Triennial exhibitions at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG).

Kohei Nawa/ PixCell-Elk

Kohei Nawa (b. 1975) is a Japanese sculptor, who is "concerned with forms and surfaces and how they interact to become objects." In his PixCell Series, he covers the surface with glass beads suggestive of a molecular structure or the pixels of a computer screen.

Subodh Gupta/Line of Control

Subodh Gupta (b. 1964) is one of India's contemporary artists, who uses everyday products and materials of Indian life in his works. His art work above is an enormous mushroom cloud structure formed from brass utencils. This can be seen as shift image of destruction into one of abundance.
Thukral and Tagra/Immortalis

Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra are Indian artists, who work collaboratively since 2000. Their installation above is about the dreams of young people in India, in particular the Punjabi people of the country's north, where dreams involve emigrating to other countries.

Unfortunately, the exhibition is over now. However, Not a Zebra wishes that her viewers got chance to read the review, therefore, have an idea about this amzing exhibition!

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